Original Classic

Original Classic seeks to become a brand that blends sport with lifestyle influences harmoniously, and to strive for a better future.

Founded in the year 2005, ORIGINAL CLASSIC HOLDINGS started out as a back-end operation in Malaysia’s sport footwear and apparel industry by merchandising, trading and supplying to retailers and distributors. Our founder, Kong Chiong Phang, has close to 30 years of retail experience under his belt. Mr Kong provides the company with a deep understanding of local cultures and their needs through product innovation and product-concept development. This enables us to tackle global concerns with local initiatives.

Original Classic believes nothing is more important than a happy and satisfied customer. We continue to maintain high standards of product quality and innovation, just as we have done so in the past. We will work towards constant improvement of business processes in order to offer our customers greater value, and provide the best service possible.

We have two outlets at Klang Parade: (i) Original Classic, which retails our full range of sports apparel, equipment, shoes, and accessories, and (ii) OC Outlet, our specialised store that only retails discounted merchandise from Puma, Kappa, Converse, and Vans.




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