Kamdar Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia since 1972, and has since achieved a dominant position in the garment and textile departmental store industry.

The Kamdar brand name has been well known for its extensive range and quality of garment and textile products for several generations. It has become part of Malaysian history. A fact of which Kamdar is very proud. Kamdar stores specialise in textile fabric, furnishing fabric, in-house designed garments for ladies, men, and children, Indian clothing, as well as school uniforms.

The Kamdar brand stands for quality of service, history and value-for-money. The company is perceived by the public as a trustworthy, value-for-money store with a difference. The Kamdar logo, with its distinctive typeface and turquoise with black corporate colours—fostering an environmentally aware, clean, fresh and new image—is instantly recognisable throughout Malaysia.

We sell:
1. Clothes
2. Fabrics
3. Curtains




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