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Celebrity Fitness™ offers a unique lifestyle concept, a blend of fitness center with an entertainment ambiance; ensuring workouts are of high energy, motivational and entertaining. Many of Celebrity Fitness club members join not only to exercise but also to make friends, join classes, relax and chill out in vibrant club lounges and salons.

Celebrity Fitness clubs are generally located within shopping malls so that members, after working out, can conveniently shop, dine, pick up their children from enrichment classes, or go to the cinema. This helps Celebrity Fitness club members to combine a healthy workout with their busy daily routine, which in turn means that they tend to remain members longer and therefore see tangible wellness benefits from their gym membership.

Celebrity Fitness is the fastest growing health, fitness and wellness company in South East Asia with over 100,000 members and around 40 clubs across Asia. In 2012, Celebrity Fitness will continue its rapid expansion with the opening of clubs across Singapore, plus continued expansion of its club footprint in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

Celebrity Fitness is currently the largest fitness chain in both Indonesia and Malaysia.
Celebrity Fitness leads the fitness industry in South East Asia unveiling an exciting range of new exclusive fitness programs including freestyle cycling – Celebrity Fitness Peloton™, truly innovative advanced yoga – Celebrity Fitness Floating Yoga™ plus a range of celebrity inspired exclusive dance aerobic programs under the brand name DNA – Dance N’ Attitude™. Celebrity Fitness’ Personal Trainers - called CelebXCoaches- are among the most highly qualified and frequently assessed trainers in the fitness business. The Company invests in the latest fitness technology and equipment including TRX, ViPR, and Kinesis.




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